2015 e-Learning Conference: The Future of Education: Advanced Computing, Ubiquitous Learning, and the Knowledge Economy - A Common Ground Conference

  • Du lundi 2 novembre 2015 au mardi 3 novembre 2015
  • Santa Cruz, California, United States of America


The e-Learning Conference investigates the uses of technologies in learning, including devices with sophisticated computing and networking capacities which are now pervasively part of our everyday lives. The Conference explores the possibilities of new forms of technology-mediated learning devices not only in the classroom, but in a wider range of places and times than was conventionally the case for education. These are the key themes and scope and concerns of the conference and its companion journal.

Special Focus for 2015: The Future of Education: Advanced Computing, Ubiqutious Learning, and the Knowledge Economy

The digital revolution represents a sea change in the nature of learning and education. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are transforming academic research and scholarship—introducing an entirely new platform for knowledge and learning. Alongside cloud computing and virtualization, artificial intelligence and high performance computing are now poised to fundamentally reshape the nature and scope of education. Despite this new high-tech environment, there remains significant concern about the capacity of contemporary education systems to adapt to technological innovation. The University of California at Santa Cruz, Common Ground Publishing, and the e-Learning Conference present “The Future of Education” as the special focus for the Eighth International Conference on e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies. At this conference, participants will discuss the global knowledge economy and changing labor markets, and focus on the need to fundamentally rethink the way technologies can support new pedagogies, new learning environments, and new institutional configurations.

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia (See Proposal Types) addressing e-learning and innovative pedagogies through one of the following themes:

Pedagogies Institutions
Technologies Social Transformations

The Future of Education: Advanced Computing, Ubiquitous Learning, and the Knowledge Economy

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