2020 SALTISSE Conference

  • Du lundi 8 juin 2020 au mardi 9 juin 2020
  • Concordia University, Montréal, Québec, Canada


Classroom transformations: Small changes, big impact 

Transformations dans la salle de classe: Petits changements vers de grands impacts

  • Best practices and advice on using new pedagogies (i.e., using active learning approaches, flipped-classroom, blended learning, e-learning, etc.)
  • Implementation of technological innovations  (i.e., online technologies, using tablets, interactive whiteboards, etc.)
  • Research findings from educational psychology, science education, educational technology, learning sciences, adapted education, etc.
  • Special topics that impact instruction and learning (i.e., universal design learning (UDL), student cognitive development, data mining, data analytics, etc.)

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