Teaching Purposeful Brains: Creating Meaning, Curiosity, and Connections to Help Kids Learn and Thrive in Uncertain Times

  • Du samedi 17 avril 2021 au dimanche 18 avril 2021
  • En ligne


While the pandemic has left many students feeling stressed and uncertain about the future, schools can become places that help students learn and thrive in this uncertainty. Psychological science research has found that providing a sense of purpose and meaning, fostering love and social connections, and encouraging curious exploration can help children thrive despite rising anxiety, trauma, economic hardship, and challenges. In fact, Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman proposes that Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is more like a ship than a pyramid where the sails that propels self-actualization and helps buffer against fear and uncertainty are purpose, love, and exploration. This virtual conference will show how students, teachers, and leaders can cope, grow, learn, and thrive in a new normal of uncertainty. It will explore the science and benefits of promoting purpose, restoring connections, supporting self-stories, and cultivating curiosity. Discover ways to create thriving schools and classrooms, meaningful learning, a sense of belonging, teamwork, and collaboration, resilient students, and curious classrooms that will boost learning and thriving in an uncertain Post-COVID Age.